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Baby Playing with Building Blocks


Heron Pond is proud to offer an Montessori Infant Care Program in Nags Head in our Infant-Toddler House. Fully certified Montessori teachers staff the Infant Care Program and welcome children between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Materials in the Infant environment have been purposefully selected and the nurturing staff is experienced in recognizing developmental milestones in order to nurture and support the learning opportunities of each young child. The warm and nurturing environment promotes a balance of peaceful comfort and engaging stimulation for our youngest students.


Our infant classroom ranges in ages from 6 months to 18 months. Our infant program is carefully prepared as a natural extension of a child’s home. With a ratio of five infants to one teacher, your child is being cared for in the hands of our experienced teacher in a nurturing, safe, and comfortable environment. At this stage, quality and continuity of excellent care matter.


Infants progress from knowing their world through immediate sensory experiences and experiment on that world through actions and mental images. Your child gradually improves his/her motor skills as he/she begins to grow. Our classroom is prepared so that everything is proportioned to the child’s size.

Your child has access to child-sized pull up bars and steps for pulling himself up; individual cribs for napping; an eating area equipped with child sized tables, and a play area where infants are stimulated through art, language, music, and sensory exploration. Our program enables your child to freely explore and enjoy a Montessori environment where he/she grows, learns, and bonds with other infants.

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