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The secondary program at HPMS encompasses both middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). 

As in all levels of Montessori, our focus is on the whole child. We understand that adolescents have unique needs, and our program is designed to meet those needs. Maria Montessori used the term “valorization” to describe the adolescent’s process of becoming a strong and worthy person, ready to take his or her place in society. In order to nurture and promote valorization in our students, our program includes service learning, classroom jobs, leadership, a student run business, daily community meetings, multi-day field studies, and mindfulness.


Wherever possible we build choice into our program, so that our students may follow their passions and learn to be self starters and independent learners. 


We take an integrated and project-based approach to our curriculum, which includes core classes in Math, English, History, and Science. Through workshop models and mastery-based learning, our students gain confidence not only in specific areas of study, but also in their ability to learn and problem solve.


Students also receive instruction in Music, Art, PE, and Foreign Languages.


We work with the local college program that allows some upper secondary students to dual-enroll at the College of the Albemarle earning college credits. 

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