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We believe that the child has an innate desire to learn and their education should begin early so all children begin to form their identity and realize their unique potential.


The Toddler Program provides Montessori education for children 12 months to 3 years old. Fully certified Montessori teachers staff the program and welcome children between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The Toddler Curriculum is based on four developmental areas:

  • Sensory and Perceptual

  • Physical and Motor

  • Self-help Skills

  • Social/emotional development

Sensory and Perceptual

  • Specifically designed materials help children become aware of themselves and the world around them

  • Stimulation of the five senses aids cognitive development

Physical and Motor

  • Safe, nurturing classroom that allows for freedom of movement so that children may explore their surroundings

  • Teachers are responsive to children’s needs and adapt their pace to the children

  • Activities that encourage small and large muscle movement, fine motor skills, and coordination are part of the daily routine.

Self-help Skills

  • Activities like pouring, opening and closing, scooping and stringing help children develop skills they will use in real life

  • Language-rich classroom where children are taught to use their words.


Social/emotional Development

  • Group activities help children bond with adults and peers by forming friendships and working and playing together

  • Toddlers learn to demonstrate empathy for one another and learn the dynamics and expectations of working with others

Once enrolled, many parents learn to love and appreciate the organized Montessori method and begin to create that environment at home. We work closely with parents and advise them how to work with their children at home to solve problems the same we do it at school. The children benefit form getting a clear and consistent message from teachers and parents.

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